With over 60 years of combined legal experience in handling Legal Matters in Greece, we remain strongly committed to extraordinary client service, operating strictly according to the advanced professional and ethical standards of the Athens Bar and the relevant Code of Conduct.

We are a team of highly qualified lawyers, all experts in European ans/or Greek Law, all bilingual, distinguished for their hard work, diligence, expertise and constant consideration of client goals.

We have developed a unique network of Greek Lawyers, Public Notaries, Civil Engineers, Accountants and Financial - Bank Counselors, Graphologists, Bailiffs; hence, we are in a position to provide cost effective multi-level legal and related services and representation for our clients.

We keep our clients constantly and entirely informed on the development of their case, making sure that they fully understand all legal and procedural issues. Plus, there is no charge for an initial phone consultation.

"The satisfaction of our principal and the trust relationship that develops between us, is the greatest reward for us".