Through our university and postgraduate studies and after attending several legal conferences and litigations in frond of Courts of Law all around the country, we have managed to create a PANHELLENIC LEGAL EXPERTISE NETWORK, where young and distinguished Attorneys with various specializations (for example, in the Criminal, Civil, Commercial, Administration Law) cooperate with us, for the best possible way to handle and complete each case we undertake. That's how we outrun the problem of time and long distance attendance on remote legal issues.

It is also worth noting that, for the proper and absolutely successful handling of the cases that, in addition to the legal science, also require other specialized knowledge from other fields, our Office cooperates with expert scientists and technocrats, such as Notaries, Bank Executives, Economists, Financial Consultants, Tax Consultants, Accountants, Expert Forensic Graphologists, Civil Engineers, Doctors, Medical Examiners, Process Servers (all over Greece).




The contribution of the aforementioned

expert associates to the handling of various matters is not only necessary, but also properly used, thanks to our experience and excellent legal knowledge that enables as to achieve not only the coordination of the individual necessary expert actions, but also the finally intended combined work, so that, finally, both the defense of our cases in Court and our negotiating position, aim and tactics, in case an out-of-court settlement is intended, can be planned, facilitated and performed in the best possible way.

The satisfaction of our principal and the trust relationship that develops between us is the greatest reward for us.