Our Law Office specialises in Civil Law cases, both at the level of interim measures (temporary judicial protection) and at the level of final settlement of disputes (main procedure at court). We deal with any level of jurisdiction, before Courts or First Instance or Courts of Appeal, as well as the Supreme Court, successfully representing our clients in a plethora of Civil Law cases.

For example, we specialise in family law cases(divorce, family home use settlement and spouse relocation, claim of participation in acquisitions, alimony, custody of children, children-parents communication etc.)hereditary disputes (declaration of a will as valid, issue of certificate of inheritance, renunciation of inheritance, will contest), law of obligation cases (loan agreements, project agreements, supplies agreements, service provision agreements, cooperation agreements, for example, silent partnerships – management concession agreements, contractual undertaking of obligations, liability due to the non-fulfilment of the agreement, pre-contractual liability and liability from negotiations, guarantee – insurance agreements, disputes between co-owners, assignment of rights, lease, ways of credit insurance, settlement of financial disputes, credit assessment of companies and consumers – b2b & b2c, risk management, credit policy etc.), lease disputes (action for due rents, for restitution of leasehold use or rent reduction due to unforeseeable change of conditions, lease agreements etc.), cases of civil liability due to car accidents (compensation for damages, non-pecuniary damages or damages for pain and suffering, and compensation due to permanent disability etc.and, in general, contractual and non-contractual disputes – disputes due to tort.

Finally, our Office has great experience in cases regarding REAL ESTATE and the relevant Rights in Rem  (ownership, usufruct, servitude, mortgage 

etc.),  having attended a plethora of purchase – sale agreements, title and encumbrance checks (for example, Purchase-Sale Agreements – Exchange Agreements – Property Donation Agreements – Property Distribution Agreements, Contractor Agreements, Establishment of horizontal properties, Apartment Building Regulations, Title Check and Issue of the necessary documents and supporting documents, Disputes between Co-Owners, Nuisance Law, Expropriations, Definition of Temporary and Final Unit Price – Compensation in expropriation cases).