Our Law Office specializes in Commercial Law and Companies Law cases.

Our contribution regards any kind of commercial activity – business and, especially, the establishment of companies and their complete consultancy and legal support, in their whole framework and fields of operation, and, in general, their guidance in every matter that arises, from the Establishment and commencement of Operation to their Termination or Transformation (for example, establishment of companies, Operation of administrative bodies, Constitution of meeting of shareholders, Decisions and minutes of the company’s bodies, Cancellation of decisions, Minority rights, Appointment of temporary administration, Withdrawal of shareholder, Termination and liquidation, Matters of Commercial Law, Collection of bad debts, Transaction Terms and Agreements, Contracts, Letters of Credit – reliability matters in Foreign Trade, Letters of Guarantee, Business development – marketing databases,  the new procedure of improvement and rescue of the commercial enterprises, under the procedure of article 99 et seq. of the Greek Law 3588/2007, as amended by the Greek Law 4013/2011 and, then, by the Greek Law 4072/2012, Buyouts, Merges, Company Transformation, Amalgamation, Merge – Breakup or Split of corporate department, General matters of corporate management – administration etc.).

We also specialise in the negotiation, preparation, conclusion and protection of special Corporate agreements and contracts, such as Franchise, Factoring, Leasing, Agency Agreements, Distribution Agreements, Exclusivity Agreements etc.

Our experience and activity in the field of Commercial Law and Companies – Enterprises Lawenables us to offer high-quality services, with professionalism, at the best prices. Through an organised network of certified and experienced associates, we guarantee your immediate and complete guidance, for the establishment of the most suitable and flexible corporate form for your case (as well as an offshore company),  with which, among others, the absolute tax effectiveness will be achieved, reducing the aimless exposure to taxes and bureaucracy.
Furthermore,  through certified associates and Statistic & Economic Information Companies, which are engaged in the fields of business information, market research, decision support systems and consultancy services, for the benefit and service of our clients, they are provided with organised support to this direction too, namely the credit assessment, of companies and consumers – b2b & b2c, the risk management, the credit policy, as well as the detailed information, either about the real estate of any counter-party, client, debtor, or about court rulings – seizures that may be pending or imposed on them – mainly as an indication of their actual financial condition (reliability check), which is very useful in any case, and must be taken into account and assessed. Especially nowadays, knowing the actual financial condition of the person with whom one transacts is of utmost importance.


Our Law Office is specialised in the Competition Law and the application of the rules of healthy and fair competition, with the concurrent protection of our clients (in this case, mostly Legal Entities), from Unfair Competition practices and unlawful practices, not only of the market in general, but also of the economic behaviour of the clients – consumers themselves, which (practices) are used by occasional – slick competitors who pursue easy profits. This case includes misleading actions and wilful omissions of competitors that try to form or exploit the transactional intent of consumers (through deliberately caused confusion), in favour of them, as well as particular aggressive and unfair trade practices that are all dealt with immediately and, most importantly, effectively, at our Office, both at temporary judicial protection and settlement level (Interim Measures), and at final level (Ordinary Action). The Greek Law regarding the Unfair Competition (Greek Law 146/1914) protects both the legal entities (S.A., LLC, General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships etc.) and the natural persons having a personal enterprise.

The following are common cases included in the aforementioned concept of Unfair Competitionthe imitation of products or services of another competitor, the imitation of the distinguishing features and trademarks of other competitors, the unfair depreciation of products or services, the misleading trade practice of lure and the shift or covert advertising, the spreading of newsregarding the products, services or the enterprise of a third party that can damage the activities of a competitive enterprise or its commercial trust,  the organised plan (group of actions) of an enterprise or some enterprises that aim to provoke third parties to refrain from transacting with a certain competitor (boycott), the abusive exploitation of the prevalence of an enterprise against the competitors and, finally, the prohibited collaboration of enterprises(cartels).


Intellectual and Industrial Property

Similarly, our office specialises in matters of Intellectual Property – “propriété intellectuelle”. The term “intellectual property” aims to combine the traditionally

mentioned rights of intellectual and industrial property. For example, we deal with the Internet Law – the protection of the distinguishing features on the internet (Domain names), with patents of other intellectual rights, with the protection of the intellectual property from any kind of offense – counterfeit (for example, protection of P/C programmes, musical compositions, works of art), with the patenting and protection of other technical creations and distinguishing features (patents and Trademarks – Domestic, Collective, Community, International etc.).

Securities (cheques, promissory notes etc.)

We undertake any relevant case of the Securities Law regarding, for example, disputes from cheques or promissory notes (bad cheques, preparation of application for the issue of payment order, claim of bad debts – demands, actions for personal confinement, stay or suspension of execution, disputes from the underlying cause and relationship, filing of suit or charges against the issuer of a bad cheque etc.).


Our office also specialises in matters regarding the Consumer Protection Law. Every citizen that transacts and engages in the market as a consumer often runs the risk either of being exploited or being misled. This is where we can help and advise our clients – consumers, before a transaction or during the transaction, as well as after it, in order to defend and protect their rights, after any possible abusive and, therefore, invalid – unlawful transaction. The following are consumer protection law cases with which we have successfully dealt: General Transaction Terms, Abusive Agreement Terms, Agreements outside a commercial store – from distance (and through the internet – E-commerce), consumer protection from credit institutes or enterprises and organisations supervised by the Bank of Greece or from investment services provision companies supervised by the Securities and Exchange Commission, protection of air passengers as consumers, Liability of the producer of faulty products, new Sale Law.


We guide and advise our clients on the possibility to be submitted to the favourable provisions of the Law, and we commence the procedure, which includes three main stages: First, the collection and analysis of the debts, second, the attempt to settle the debts with the creditors / Banks out of court and, finally, in case the aforementioned attempt fails, the submission of a relevant application to the competent Magistrate Court, so that the debts can be settled / repaid through a Court Ruling.