Our Law Office specialises in Criminal Law cases and provides dynamic representation and legal support in any case of minor offense, misdemeanour and felony, at every stage of the penal procedure, during the preliminary procedure (preliminary investigation – investigation) or the main procedure (at court). Our Office has successfully dealt with cases from the whole range of the Greek Criminal Law and, particularly, with Crimes against Life (Homicide, Negligent homicide, Physical injury etc.), Crimes against Honour(insult, libel, libel through the press, libel against an S.A. etc.), Crimes against Property (theft, misappropriation, robbery, fraud etc.), Economic Crimes – white-collar crimes (tax evasion, smuggling, economic frauds etc.), Crimes regarding memoranda (forgery, false certificate etc.), Crimes regarding Justice (perjury, false unsworn statement, expert’s and interpreter’s perjury etc.), Crimes against the sexual freedom and the financial exploitation of the sexual life (rape, seduction of children, abuse of minors in sexual indecent acts etc.) and Crimes provided in Special Criminal Laws.