Our office specialises in the Labour Law and deals with all the relevant matters that come up, either from the side of the employer or from the side of the employee, in cooperation with specialised associates. The labour is a right established by the Greek Constitution (Article 22 of the Constitution) and, particularly in the difficult and unstable period we experience, our aim is to protect everyone’s right to labour and attend to the proper application of the Law in every dispute falling into the Labour Law.

Firstly, negotiation, understanding and agreement attempts are made and, in case this stage fails, one of the procedures provided by the Greek Labour Law commences before the competent Courts. We can guide you and help in any case or problem that concerns you, such as matters of employee’s rights in case of discharge (invalidity of discharge, payment of compensation, group discharges etc.), in matters of adverse modification of working conditions, in cases of conclusion of Employment Agreement (indefinite-term employment agreement and fixed-term employment agreement, part-time employment, temporary employment, intermittent work, job rotation, specific flexible forms of work, such as job sharing, labour on call, alternating job, e-work, seasonal employment, employee leasing, staff leasing through employment agencies), in cases of prohibition of discriminations due to sex, Harassment or Sexual Harassment at work, matters relevant to the time or work (working hours  – full time, part time, interrupted, stores working hours), matters relevant to the salary of employees (legal salary, contractual salary, common or usual salary, minimum salary of the National General Collective Labour Agreement), matters arising from the employer’s default (work retention in cases of claim of due salaries – bonuses – overtimes or night shifts),  cases of employment agreement termination (termination of the employment agreement, discharge compensation, voluntary withdrawal of the employee etc.) and, finally,  matters relevant to the obligations against the Labour Inspectorate.