Our Law Office is located in the heart of Athens, at 75 Aristotelous Street, on the first floor. It was established in 1971, by our father, Konstantinos I. Loukadounos, and, today, it is staffed mainly by his sons, Attorneys of Athens, Ioannis and Theodosios Loukadounos, who, in cooperation with other specialised associates, and always in a spirit of excellent cooperation, high professionalism and immediate response to the needs and requests of our clients, provide reliable legal services all over Greece, even in the most complicate and demanding matters of modern reality.

Based on our top legal training, meticulousness, organisation, as well as our constant update on the new subject matters and facts of Legal Science, with professionalism, as well as a strong sense of responsibility, the Attorneys of our Office guarantee the immediate, complete, effective and reasonably charged handling of each case, in combination with an innovative human communication and interactive support model, which is based on our personal relationship with every principal separately. Because our goal is to understand and, regarding the situation, fulfil the requests and needs of every client of ours, and, in our Office, every client is a special priority for all of us.

The experience of over 40 years in courtroom and consultancy practice of the establisher of our Office, Konstantinos I. Loukadounos, who was recently awarded with the title of the Honorary Attorney of Athens by the Athens Bar Association, combined with the enthusiasm and willingness of the young specialised Attorneys of our Office, guarantee the quality and completeness of the services we have been providing for more than 60 years, and satisfy our clients, who constantly increase. We are a Modern Law Office with Aim and Vision. Our aim is to fulfil the requirements of our science. Our vision is to pursue the excellence and eminence in everything we undertake. The satisfaction of our principal and the trust relationship that develops between us is the greatest reward for us.